Polarity and Body of Ice are dance works created by Christina Evans upon receiving an Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship to travel to Antarctica for creative research.

Body of Ice and Polarity

Polarity Melbourne Fringe Festival, Australia

Exquisite. encrypted, compressed, crumbling. Polarity explores the dynamic movement and extreme nature of Antarctic ice. Through moving bodies, raw sounds of Antarctic ice and shifting shapes, polar icescapes dance in the cityscape, reflecting our deep connection to and impact upon the continent of ice.

Ice heaves and crumbles its way into your soul (Aussie Theatre)

4 Stars (Arts Hub)

Polarity was also screened with the Living Data Program at Sydney's Ultima Science Festival

Body of Ice - Sur Polar Festival, Argentina

Christina performed solo Body of Ice at the Antarctic Arts and Culture International Festival and Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Body of Ice - Antarctica Festival, Canberra

Body of Ice was presented at the Antarctica Festival and Conference at the Australian National University, Canberra,  in June 2011:

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship is an Australian Government fellowship aiming to enable those especially gifted in communicating through the arts the opportunity to experience Antarctica first-hand so that they may communicate this unique experience and understanding to other Australians. The program aims to nuture the production of excellent and significant works by leading proffesionals and talented emerging artists. 

Read more about Christina's journey on the Australian Antarctic Division website