Project Wake Up

So honored to be a part of Project Wake Up - a feature documentary on mental health and suicide across America. True stories with reenactments throughout, I have been cast to portray someone who lost a parent to suicide. Such an important issue to be focussed on right now as mental health issues keep increasing across the globe and support is vital.


Warlords of Waal Nominated at KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival

Warlords of Waal was nominated for Best Sci-Fi and Best Web Series at the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival. So great to see some buzz over this unique and super artistic series, so much so that director/creator/artist extraordinaire Patrick Paax is now in pre-production for the feature starring myself as the ever adventurous Constance Kirby (and, of course, PUCK!)


Outdoor Voices Festival

See TOYS at the Outdoor Voices Festival! Along with Voices by Carla Delaney and Dreams in Overdrive by Jon Jacobs, the Outdoor Voices Festival is all about creating healthy conversations around challenging topics. Saturday September 9th and Friday September 22nd @ Chromolume Theatre, 5429 Washington Blvd, 90016.

Toys Wins 3 Awards at Hollywood Fringe

I am beyond honored TOYS won the Spirit of the Fringe ‘Never In A Box’ Award (sponsored by Motor City Fringe Festival), The Duende Distinction (sponsored by The Vagrancy) and the Encore Producers Award. TOYS was also nominated for Hollywood Fringe Best Dance/Physical Theatre, Hollywood Fringe Best International, The 2Cents Distinctive Voices Award (sponsored by 2Cents Theatre Group) and the Short and Sweet Award (sponsored by The Short and Sweet Festival). 

TOYS will play two Producer’s Encore performances at the Complex Theatre on Saturday July 22 and Saturday, July 29 at 7pm. Tickets available at:


TOYS coming soon to Hollywood Fringe

Tricked, sold, used and broken. TOYS delves into the dark shadows of sex trafficking where children are products stripped to the core. Mixing dance, theatre and film, TOYS captures the chilling cycles of abuse, exchange and sexual corruption in which playthings worldwide are entrapped. TOYS is a solo show I created to generate awareness of this massive global trade.