The Pit and the Pendulum

Presented by She Spat, Playfully...

Surrounded by shadows, a man, imprisoned and alone, is haunted by thoughts of what’s to come. Slowly, he begins to see that his is a torture beyond what he can imagine. Unseen, his captors leave him to pull himself apart with fear. The Pit and the Pendulum is a production which looks to bring to life Poe’s vivid examination of the blurred line between physical and psychological suffering.

Cast: Luke Fewster, Christina Evans, Dayna Boase, Rockie Stone, Paul Bourke

Director: Matt Ryan

Wednesday, March 14 - Saturday, March 17 8pm @ Revolt Theatre

Performance with Tony Yap Company

Christina was invited to perform in 'Winter Filament' with Tony Yap Company at Federation Square. The work was a deep improvised exploration delving into metaphysical,  psychological and subconscious states. Performed out in the open at Fed Square and integrated with the Light in Winter light installations the work was beautiful, wild, raw and moving. There was exquisite freedom and expression through the performance - a place that encapsulates what being a performer is. Thank you to Tony Yap for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful work. Photos by Dylan.

Upcoming Performance

Christina has been invited to present a performance of Body of Ice at the Antarctica Festival + Conference at the Australian National University in Canberra on Saturday June 25. She will also be presenting a talk on her work.

Exploring the cycles, movement and extreme nature of Antarctic ice and our physical connection and impact to it, Body of Ice will be presented in dance and visual projection with a soundscape made entirely of sounds of Antarctic ice recorded by Philip Samartzis.

Antarctic Project Creative Development

Christina has been rehearsing with her amazing dancers and exploring Antarctic ice from every angle - ice particles to glaciers, seasonal cycles to intricate shifts. Photos cover the studio floor during each rehearsal and extensive research into the Antarctic ice has been filtering through bodies in space - and bodies in pools and on ice. Stunning results so far and so much more exploring to come!