Body of Ice - Solo Antarctic Dance

Body of Ice, a solo work exploring Antarctic ice, created and performed by Christina Evans will be seen in Argentina in just a few weeks. Spectacular image by Lucia Ondrusova.

Body of Ice
Body of Ice

The Pit and the Pendulum

Presented by She Spat, Playfully...

Surrounded by shadows, a man, imprisoned and alone, is haunted by thoughts of what’s to come. Slowly, he begins to see that his is a torture beyond what he can imagine. Unseen, his captors leave him to pull himself apart with fear. The Pit and the Pendulum is a production which looks to bring to life Poe’s vivid examination of the blurred line between physical and psychological suffering.

Cast: Luke Fewster, Christina Evans, Dayna Boase, Rockie Stone, Paul Bourke

Director: Matt Ryan

Wednesday, March 14 - Saturday, March 17 8pm @ Revolt Theatre

Melaka Art and Performance Festival

Christina recently had the honour of performing at MAP Festival in Melaka, Malaysia (see Performing at the world heritage sites of St Paul's Hill was spectacular and surreal. Christina presented hybrid arts piece 'Elements', plus performed with Tony Yap Company in 'Eulogy for the Living' and in MAPPING. Talented artists from around the globe illuminated the sites with striking new work and collaborations. A festival that will continue each year it is one to experience. Damian of DWV Photography captured the energy of the festival with this enchanting album of photographs: